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Happy-world.org is determined to safeguard the privacy of members as well as registered browsers. The following text explains how we manage member information and what we do with it. Please feel free to ask questions on any point at support@happy-world.org
Information ownership
Happy-world.org is the sole owner of information gathered via this website. Happy-world.org will not sell, share or otherwise provide this information to other individuals, organizations or entities.
Registration as member
Becoming a member of happy-world.org, and participating in certain other happy-world.org activities, requires registration. The registration process includes giving name and other contact information, customarily an e-mail address. This information will be used for the purpose of communicating with you regarding the services for which you register.
Promotional activities
Happy-world.org intends to offer a variety of activities, some of which may require registration. This process is strictly on a voluntary basis, and will be clearly explained in each case. Information collected will be used either to contact individuals about the nature of the activity in keeping with the spirit of the activity; or for internal continuos improvement processes.
Happy-world.org protects user identification, and other information as its disposal, with the strictest confidence, and takes all reasonable steps to protect its integrity.
Changes to privacy policy
Happy-world.org is eager to maintain the best possible understanding with all its users. Any change to the aforementioned points will be prominently posted on the website. In addition, changes which affect individuals who have given information in any form will be communicated directly to those individuals, customarily by e-mail. All concerned will have a reasonable opportunity to notify happy-world.org of their wish to withdraw their information. In all ambiguous cases, the policy in force at the time of information collection will apply.

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