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 1. Your acceptance of Terms
Happy-world.org provides the contracted service to you the user, subject to the following Terms. Happy world.org may periodically update these Terms, which are displayed in their current form on this website. By using happy-world.org website and materials, you are implying your acceptance of the Terms.
 2. Service description
Happy-world.org enables its users to access its educational materials via its website.
All materials, current or future, shall be subject to these Terms.
 3. Your responsibility as user
All responsibility for correct use of the these materials belongs to you the user.
These responsibilities include but are not necessarily limited to the following:
- timely payment of fee, including third-party fee
- equipment required to access and utilize materials
- understanding of changes in policy or Terms, provided these are made reasonably available by happy-world.org
-absolvement of happy-world.org of all responsibility related to delivery or use of materials
- use of happy-world.org materials in a way which is consistent with legal and moral purposes, and not to the contrary
4. Memberhip
Happy-world.org entitles you the user to access and use the materials specified in the website upon timely payment of the membership fee as described on the website.
 5. Copyrights and related rights
Happy-world.org materials provided via this website remain the sole property of happy-world.org. All use of the materials which can reasonably be interpreted as not intended are expressly forbidden. You the user agree to respect and abide bu the intent of this article.
 6. Content integrity
You the user have no right to amend or emend, nor distort or alter happy-world.org content.
 7. Photocopy
Members are entitled to photocopy materials from happy-world.org for the private use of their students, either at home or in classroom. They are NOT entitled to sell or distribute the materials in any way. It is not allowed to give away to, or share materials with, anyone who is not a member of our site.

 8. Third parties
Happy-world.org has no liability for any loss, damage or arising inconvenience which might result from such contact with third parties. You the user agree that any correspondence or other contact from your side with any third parties (including but not limited to linked websites) is solely between you and the given third party.
9. Personal comments and questions
You the user may send occasional comments and/or questions to happy-world.org, and these comments are hereby considered free of copyright or other proprietary rights - unless the intent of these comments and/or questions is clearly marked otherwise.
 10. Non-waiver
Happy-world.org, by failing to exercise or otherwise enforce its rights as herein stated does not waive its right to do so. In the event of a competent court or other legal authority finding some part of these Terms to be invalid, you the user nonetheless agree to respect the intentions as stated in the Terms. If part of these Terms is found invalid, you the user agree that the remainder of the Terms be considered valid.
11. Indemnification
You the user agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless happy-world.org from any claims arising from or related to any breach of the Terms on the part of you the user.
12. Service and Terms changes
Happy-world.org may add to, change, delete, or render inaccessible its materials or parts of its materials, and do so without prior notice. Happy-world.org may also  change, amend or emend any article of these Terms, this latter to include the prominent posting of an appropriate notice on the website. You the user indicate your agreement with the Terms and materials in their current form by your use of the website; and agree no to hold happy-world.org liable for potential or actual consequences of these changes.

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