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These worksheets have a simple structure, intuitive form, and clear instructions, and therefore they can be adapted to the individual needs of children at different levels of understanding. They can be used in a school environment, during afterschool activities, and also during free time.

Radka, Slovakia

These worksheets enable me as a teacher to combine the content dimension (including elementary education curriculum) with the personality and social dimension. I use them as core materials as well as supplementary materials.
Radka, Slovakia

Until I worked with these worksheets, I had seen nothing that would help my second-grade class practice ideas in this subject area. Educators are usually asked to grade this subject, at least in elementary grades, but almost always without materials or curriculum. It is the subject of good behavior - in other words, how we hope all people will behave toward one another. May there be many more such materials!
Michael, USA

Happy-world.org has been enormously useful in helping my students understand the notion of diversity and make the transition from the condition of awareness of the 'self' to the quality of appreciation of the 'other'.
Nasser, Canada

Your website was given to me by my friend as an extra source for materials.
Carmen, Malaysia

Ten children aged 2 to 10 sat around the table, silently working on their tasks - and kept at it for 45 minutes!!! Afterwards, various age groups shared their results, enriching their experience considerably.
Darina, Czech Republic

The materials provided by your website are quite in line with our own teaching materials, which are 'virtues-driven'.
Carmen, Malaysia

Good materials!
Sandra Walker, second grade teacher, USA

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